Monday, 23 December 2013

'The Woman in Black' Fortune Theatre ****

' The Woman in Black' has been horrifying audiences for over 25 years and as this is my first time seeing it I found the whole experience to be as spine tingling as I'd expected it to be. The production is that the adaptation on the horror novel by Susan Hill and it depicts the fictional events of Arthur Kipps who as a young junior solicitor was summoned to be in attendance at the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow who lived at the proud and elegant Eel Marsh House and the older Mr Kipps has decided to stagy rendition of these events on the Fortune Theatre stage. The narrative written by the late Stephen Mallatratt is incredibly thrilling as it conveys quite a bleak story of a subject that it engages you from the very beginning to the very end. I found it to be of the highest level of creativity and suggests scary consequences that makes audiences scream at the top of their voices. I thought it very intriguing that the company consisted of only two people and their acting is wonderfully performed.  Crawford Logan's portrayal of the real Arthur Kipps was beautifully embodied as the role contains a dark past who desires to exorcise ghost of the past through the re-enactment of the solicitors experiences at Eel Marsh House years years and years ago. Tim Delap as The Actor is outstanding as the carefully characterises the younger Arthur Kipps with brilliant seen all angles and funny encapsulates the fear that the audience has faced in witnessing such a chilling story. Robin Herefords direction is phenomenal as the direct a production that frightens and shocks avast amount of audiences and has done so successfully for over 25 years. I particularly like the atmosphere's direction gave to the play through the horrific encounters with the ghostly Mrs Drablow. I thought that Michael Holt's design for 'The Woman in Black' to be quite simplistic but with exceptionally ghastly feelings that run through the entire body especially the scenes that involved the eerie Eel Marsh House. I think that there has been an immense level of collaboration and with successful outcomes. What a fundamentally beautiful production.

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