Thursday, 26 December 2013

'The Book of Mormon' Prince of Wales Theatre ****

The musical was the hottest ticket in London 'The Book of Mormon' is a show that's full of humour and splendour. Written by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone controversially tells the story of Mormons Elder Price and Elder Cunningham Who are sent to a very deprived area of Uganda do you gain new members to a church community that's dwindling. The district is being ruled by ruthless man where the locals seem to not to want to learn about the Mormon's ways to improve themselves. I thought that the narrative was vastly clear and coherent but I would urge a hint of caution as the dialogue is quite insulting to religious groups and the comedy elements do mock them. However it does clearly identify poignant themes make a question the person you are and how you can change for the better. The entire company has been exceptional here as the level of precision in their acting, dance and vocals is second to none. Gavin Creel's portrayal of the slightly arrogant Elder Price was brilliantly performed as the captures a Mormon's aspirations to be highly successful but for his own personal gain. I particularly valued the comical integrity he had in musical numbers such as 'Man Up'. As well as, Jared Gertner's elder Cunningham is outstanding as he encapsulate's a young man who seems to have a problem in making things up and through this he actually accomplishes their outcome with the Ugandans becoming members of the church. Trey Parker's and Casey Nicholaw's direction is wonderful as they capture the essences of the comedy value is in the most humorous way imaginable and I thought that the variety of styles worked very well. This was particularly impressive as this is the standard you'd expect from a musical that has had such a vast marketing budget that has never been seen before. I found Scott Pask's scenic design to be wonderfully designed as he crafts the Ugandan community to a high standard of panache and the costumes designed by Ann Roth were brilliant as the research taken seemed rather comprehensive and the detailling of the costumes were superb. 'The Book of Mormon' is a musical that definitely delivers in all aspects and is one that you should endeavour to see.

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