Sunday, 22 December 2013

'Spamalot' Playhouse Theatre ****

What do I have to say about the West End's version of 'Spamalot'? For me the musical oozes charisma and comic value of the highest quality. 'Spamalot' originally from the hilarious film Monty Python and the Holy Grail is a spoof and is loosely based on the legends of King Arthur Sir Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table. The musical makes fun of this well-known fantasy by presenting it with their mystical charm that Monty Python has mastered by leaving people in hysterics for decades. I found the narrative to be incredibly clear as it suggests the ideas of British fantasy history in an amusing way and making it appealed to quite a diverse range of audience. In addition I thought that the comedy moments within the dialogue to be highly appropriate and due to it being Monty Python it definitely worked superbly.  The acting by the majority of the company was of a brilliant standard of delivery and panache and this is what you would expect from a West End production, especially with the success of the Broadway version. The casting of see CBBC's well-known presenters Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood as the leading role is King Arthur and Patsy where an interesting but wonderful decision nevertheless. I became surprised by the exceptional tenacity they had in performing roles with such care and attention. This pleased me most strongly. On the other hand, Carley Stenson's portrayal of The Lady of The Lake was vastly disappointing as the level of precision in her vocals when are exceeded with such success and became quite screechy which led to it feeling often strained. With this to consider I became unimpressed by this and made me question why they decided to cast her for such a audacious role. Christopher Luscombe's direction was fantastic as he creates the wonderfully comical franchise of Monty Python into a musical format and directing it with such outstanding precision. Paradoxically  I thought that Jenny Arnold's choreography was of a substandard proportion as the execution of the performers show that the dance elements were not creatively phenomenal and eye-catching. Certainly not spellbinding here sadly. Hugh Durrant's set and costume design is amazing as it captured the spirit of what you'd expect from Monty Python through simplistic detailing. The costumes were thought off with a sensitive and thorough touch which was lovely to see. I think that 'Spamalot' is a novice comic genius of a musical theatre piece which definitely makes you "Look on the Bright Side of Life". You should definitely see this production.

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