Sunday, 29 December 2013

'Jumpers for Goalposts' Bush Theatre *****

What can I express to you about the Bush Theatre's current production 'Jumpers for Goalposts'? It's a play that definitely resonates a hint of emotion in everyone, even the masculine of men. Written so effortlessly by Tom Wells it depicts the story of a pub five-a-side football team, who a part from one are all gay and shows the struggles of being accepted in and an array of different circumstances. I found the narrative to be incredibly infectious as it makes you realise the pressures of being gay in a sport that's not stereotypically associated with people of this sexuality. I would like to convey my immense gratitude in Wells' approach to this issue that has been in society, worldwide for decades. As well as, I particularly admired the setting as it enables audiences to recognise the way they should speak in daily situations by thinking whether homophobic language is acceptable. The acting by the small company were beautifully and emotively performed and it's the standard you'd expect from even the best West End productions. Vivienne Gibbs' portrayal of the coach Viv is intellectually superb as she encapsulate see lesbian woman trying to break the boundaries by acting as a football coach that motivates and pushes the players in them most professional way possible. Jamie Samuel's Danny is sublime as he captures and out and proud homosexual who has been living with an immense secret and is desperate to find the love and happiness he most desires. This becomes possible when 19-year-old Librarian Luke (Phillip Duguid-McQuillian) joins the team and romance is afoot for Danny. The others, Geoff (Andy Rush) and Joe (Matt Sutton) where extraordinary as well that means comprehensive characterisation was key to the shows success. James Greive's direction is beautiful from beginning to end as he has created a production that moves an audience from laughter to tears in a matter of seconds. I like the decision to have a hint of actor musicianship through the character of Joe. The design by Lucy Osborne was wonderful as she has interpreted a football club's changing room with impressive detail and even though the design is somewhat simple it doesn't make a humongous to the professionalism of the production. I feel that all aspects of 'Jumpers for Goalposts' were phenomenal and should be recognised as a nominee for many theatre awards next year. I think the Bush Theatre has fundamentally established why it is one of London's greatest Off West End theatres.

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