Sunday, 3 November 2013

'The Light Princess' National Theatre, Lyttleton *

In my opinion I think that the musical theatre production of 'The Light Princess' has to be the most lacklustre show I have seen this year, even worse that 'Viva Forever!'. The musical written and composed by Tori Amos and Samuel Adamson features a mediocre musical score and storyline that leaves a lot to be desired. The show is focused on the princess of the Royal City of Lagobel Althea who has a form of a disability or charm that refraines her from staying on her own two feet. The narrative is extremely pantomime like and not of the standard of a spectacular musical such as 'Matilda: The Musical' and 'Once'. Such a disasterous storyline that makes me range with anger! The performances by the company were pretty ugly here in all aspects such as acting, singing and dancing. The shows main character Althea played so appallingly by Rosalie Craig seems to be quite cheesy for ones particualr liking and the delivery  is not up to the standard of a well polished musical performer that makes me smile with gratitude. In addition to this Nick Hendrix's portrayal of Althea's love interest Digby seems far too forced in terms of the emotion and movements and his acting needs to be much more believable  to achieve his main aim of performing brilliant. But this is not the case in this ridiculous farce of a musical. Overall the acting in atrocious throughout the entire performance. Not a happy critic indeed. I am very disppointed and dismayed by the musicals director Marianne Elliot as it seems to me that she has created a production that does not believe that quality is the priority and her use of the Lyttlton stage is nothing more than diabolical. Again I am astonished that this production is not on par to her previous National Theatre sucesses 'War Horse', 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' and 'Port'. This has to be her most woeful production ever. Rae Smith's design has to be critcially described as a disgrace to the National's fifty year history of beautiful and extraordinary scenic designs.  It feels way too childlike and definately looks lie a child has designed this set as no refinement and precision has been thought of here. I think that 'The Light Princess' needs to close now and spare others in seeing this heinous show. I hated it from beginning to end. 

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