Saturday, 5 October 2013

'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' Apollo Theatre *****

It is safe to say that 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' is by far  the best play in the West End at this current time. The production is based on the story of a fifteen year old boy Christopher who has Aspergers Syndrome who tries to solve the case of the viscous murder of his neighbour's dog. The acting is exceptional throughout.  I found the lead played by Mike Nobel was superb throughout the performance and it felt that vast amounts of research had been taken to ensure that he conveyed the right words and actions as to not offend the audience.  Aspergers can be a sensitive issue. The boys parents Judy (Amanda Drew) and Ed (Trevor Fox) allow the audience to understand the immense pressure it is to have a son with this condition and the toll of this sometimes breaks the family apart. This is another outstanding production directed by the marvellous Marianne Elliot as she has been able to direct a production that leaves me with a humongous smile on my face. I found her vision to be one of such wonder that makes me believe that she thoroughly deserved her Olivier 2013 Award for Best Direction. Hopefully her work for 'Port' has such recognition and wins an Olivier in Spring 2014. The design of the set by Bunny Christie and outstanding video design by Central School of Speech and Drama graduate Finn Ross was an extraordinary piece of craftsmanship and it seems that a lot of work has been taken to ensure a phenomenal production  that has wowed audiences time and time again. I was sincerely fulfilled whilst watching this beautiful production. The Movement Directors, Artistic Directors of Frantic Assembly, Steven Hoggett and Scott Graham have incorporated a visionary wave of choreography that enables you to travel on a journey with Christopher and the other characters.This is conveyed through their own experiences and it's great to see such brilliant movements presented by the company. This is the production to be seen so I urge you not miss out on this outstanding play.    

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