Friday, 30 August 2013

'Rock of Ages' Garrick Theatre ****

The musical presentation of 'Rock of Ages' most definitely lifts the spirits of rock music fans everywhere. Currently wowing audiences at the Garrick Theatre since January 2013 I must admit it is a masterpiece of a production. The show written by Chris D'Arienzo depicts the effect that rock music had on people across the world and how commercialised pop music has ruined original music creation. The plot is wonderfully performed by all the company especially Simon Lipkin as Lonny. His portrayal is nothing more than brilliant as he conveys a bar worker fully besotted by women's charms but as the production moves swiftly on we learn that he has been hiding in the closet and comes out as a gay man. In another instance the performances by Ross Hunter as Drew and Natalie Andreou as Sherrie were lovingly conveyed as you could feel the emotions of their romance story that's exuded through the incredibly clear and concise narrative. The shows director Kristin Hanggi has created an outstanding production that exudes the 1980's rock anthems in a completely new interpretation that engages with all audiences of different ages.  The set designed by Beowulf Boritt and costumes designed by Gregory Gale are lovely to see and they have listened to the directors vision for the show and a lot of research has been taken to achieve this level of perfection. I liked the mixture of the old and the new when it came to the costumes and set. The band were superb and the use of the world renowned rock anthems to convey emotion and humour were brilliantly thought about. Great choices of music were chosen here. No wonder audiences come and see this show time and time again as it has entertained me. 'Don't Stop Believin'' in your dreams. When you are out and about in London make sure you schedule 'Rock of Ages' in there somewhere.  

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